Super Mucuna

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Super Mucuna

Mucuna Pruriens is most known for its dopamine precursor l-dopa. It may also support the reproductive systems in both men and women, hormone balancing, sleep and mood enhancement, mental focus, bone density, and physical strength. Mucuna is a key adaptogen for supporting our innate stress handling capability.

The benefits of Mucuna can be instantaneous, however, Mucuna is cumulative and it is best to take daily for at least 3 weeks to receive full benefit. Anyone with a history of abuse to stimulants, such as caffeine, or drugs (illegal or legal) may find Mucuna very helpful. If you consume stimulants such as cacao or caffeine, consider combining with Mucuna for a balancing effect. Mucuna may also enhance deep sleep and dreaming.

We have found that the combination of a whole powder and a potent 30:1 Full Spectrum Extract have demonstrated to be the most balanced and well-received form of Mucuna.