Restore 4 Life

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Restore is a liquid mineral supplement for gut health. Developed through 50+ years of research and clinical work by medical doctors, Restore addresses the underlying causes for many of today’s difficult health issues. Many doctors now believe that a compromised gut can lead to more than just digestive issues.

Cells need Restore to allow the body’s communication system to rebuild. Antibiotics and other toxins such as pesticides and genetically modified food compromise the cell membranes in the intestines. They then become unable to keep toxins from being absorbed into the rest of the body. This deterioration process is often referred to as “Leaky Gut” and results in inflammation and other diseases. Restore has been shown to heal the damage of eating toxins like pesticides and GMO foods. After years of research, Dr. Zach Bush, MD, has shown that it is possible to heal the gut by creating a strong micro-biome using minerals derived from the soil. These minerals strengthen and tighten the integrity of the gut barrier cells and provide the diverse gut ecosystem that supports a healthy immune response.

The gut is capable of repairing itself when given the carbon rich, soil derived lignite only found in Restore. When tight junctions are once again able to keep toxins and inorganic substances out, they will not invade the rest of the body leading to inflammatory illnesses and diseases. Build your firewall of defense against invading toxins by taking Restore every day.