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Mitoquinol, the unique ingredient in MitoQ, was developed at Otago University, Dunedin. It is a patented scientifically-proven form of the popular CoQ10 antioxidant that has been designed to specifically target the body's mitochondria -- also known as the body's cellular batteries.

These cellular batteries are responsible for producing the energy required to pump the body's hardest working organ, the heart, over 100,000 times each day in order to pump blood through 90,000 kilometers of blood vessels. 

Because each heart cell has thousands of mitochondria -- in some cases making up over half the volume of each cell -- the heart cells need the mitochondria to be healthy to produce the energy it needs to function optimally. 

MitoQ Heart has been specifically designed to support our most important organ with a powerful, comprehensive formulation that combines the science of original MitoQ with nutrients L-Carnitine, Magnesium and Vitamin D3.

These nutrients are essential for healthy heart function and protection against the effects of age and free radicals. Along with D-Ribose, MitoQ or CoQ10, L-Carnitine and Magnesium have been described as the 'awesome foursome for heart health' by Dr Steven Sinatra, the acclaimed cardiologist.

The result is that MitoQ Heart supports a healthy cardiovascular system by repairing oxidative damage and restoring energy production, thus supporting overall energy & health. 

The breakthrough formula of original MitoQ is proven to be up to 847 times more powerful than regular CoQ10 supplements, and studies have already proven it to support various aspects of cardiovascular health.

The combination of the powerful science behind MitoQ and these fundamental nutrients means MitoQ Heart is a formidable formulation for targeted heart support, particularly for anyone over 40 and anyone concerned about their cardiovascular health.

People on statins to reduce cholesterol are even more likely to benefit as statins deplete the body's natural CoQ10 levels. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study[1], it has been shown that statins can reduce serum levels of Coenzyme Q10 by as much as 40%.

More than a decade has been spent researching and developing the MitoQ range, and as a result MitoQ Ltd has created a leading-edge supplement that targets the body's mitochondria for healthy living with anti-ageing benefits.

While working to repair the mitochondria found in the heart, MitoQ Heart also supports normal blood pressure, resting heart rate, circulatory function and the production of ATP energy -- the energy to pump the heart.

MitoQ's revolutionary science works by attaching a positive charge to CoQ10 -- which is also the mitochondria's own natural antioxidant. This small change causes positively-charged MitoQ to literally flood negatively-charged mitochondria, thus restoring antioxidant capacity to youthful levels.

Until now, no other product has ever been able to penetrate mitochondria to deliver antioxidants to the body in meaningful levels. Other sources of CoQ10 are unable to infiltrate the mitochondria and thus make a tangible difference.

To date, there are over 200 published research papers globally that detail MitoQ's effect. The original MitoQ capsules have earned an international following for both their health and anti-ageing benefits, and the launch of MitoQ Heart is specifically formulated to support cardiovascular health -- one of the leading killers in the developed world.

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