Glutamine Peptide

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Glutamine Peptide

This formula significantly contributes to a positive nitrogen balance, essential to tissue repair and physical and mental well being.

Contains glutamine, a vital amino acid (not to be confused with glutamic acid, glutamate, MSG or glutathione). Several principal properties of glutamine are:

  • It is a conditionally essential amino acid, i.e. in times of stress the body cannot keep up with the demand of this protein and needs supplementation from outside;
  • Provides a major alternative fuel source to the brain when low blood sugar levels occur;
  • It is a precursor of GABA, the anxiety relieving amino acid;
  • Increases overall physiological and mental alertness;
  • Helps the brain dispose of the ammonia waste;
  • Assists in muscle mass development;
  • Supports the immune system;
  • Supports pancreatic health and function;
  • Assists repair of tissues in the kidneys and liver;
  • Vitally important energy source for the repair of the cells lining the intestine- makes the gut less permeable to outside particulates.

Uniquely, contains rhythmically prepared glutamine (in order to further augment the mental and spiritual benefits) and rhythmically prepared herbs that assist in proper absorption of foods from the intestinal tract (based on Rudolf Steiner’s research.)*


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