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Strophanthus is now available in capsule form.  These capsules are the product of the most knowledgeable experts on the use of strophanthus/ouabain in Europe, who came together to produce the safest and most effective strophanthus product we know of.  They are an easy alternative to the strophanthus extract that we carry, which, to some people, has a bitter taste.

The strophanthus capsules are made from strophanthus seeds collected in their native Africa.  The seeds are dried, ground and then extracted to make the active ingredient (ouabain) more bioavailable.  This process allows for the use of all the valuable components of the seeds, as well as a small but effective amount of ouabain.  Test results show 0.75 mg of ouabain per capsule.

As with our strophanthus extract, the strophanthus capsules support people with heart failure, angina and certain rhythm disturbances.*  The usual starting dose is one capsule, twice a day.  For some people, one capsule, three times a day, might produce better results. As with all medicines, supplements and herbs, please use this extract only under the guidance and supervision of your health-care provider.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.  These statements are not meant to provide medical advice or make any claims.  Please use this and all medicines, supplements and herbs under the supervision of your primary medical-care provider


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